Welded plaster mesh

is a mesh formed from 2 perpendicular wires welded at the intersections by the method of contact spot welding. The main characteristics of welded mesh are mesh size and wire diameter.  

Carrying out plastering work is not an easy task. The main indicator of the quality of such works is durability. Unfortunately, even with the use of modern materials and tools, wall plastering without the use of additional materials that increase the durability and stability of plastering works will not last long. For this, builders now constantly use a plaster grid. It allows you to make plaster works of higher quality and durability.

Plaster mesh is used not only for plastering exterior and interior works. It is actively used during the production of poured floors. When carrying out heat insulation and sound insulation works, a plaster mesh is an indispensable thing. Plaster mesh is also used to strengthen the outer coverings of buildings and in the construction of fences and cages for animals and birds.

Plaster mesh is an integral element that will help create an attractive appearance and comfort of your home, office and any other building. Therefore, do not forget about the plaster grid during the preparation of construction work.

Technical characteristics of welded plaster mesh:

Wire diameter

0.5-1.8 мм

Cell size

12 х 12 мм.
12 х 25 мм.
25 х 25 мм.
25 х 50 мм.
50 х 50 мм.


black and galvanized wire

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