Reinforcement belt mesh

The belt reinforcing mesh is a welded mesh, which is made by the method of welding – the method of “contact welding” from perpendicular to each other wire rods of the periodic profile BP-1, the diameter of which varies from two to six millimeters. and belongs to the class of “light nets”.

Masonry grid is a kind of construction metal grid, which is used to reinforce brickwork in the execution of both fundamental and finishing works, laying of gas blocks, wall cladding, floor screeds, underfloor heating and other construction works.

Also, this type of mesh, made of smooth galvanized or painted wire, can be used for decorative purposes, in trade equipment, fence systems, making cages for aviaries, as well as in the production of technological containers (mesh containers).

Specifications of the Reinforcement belt mesh

Wire dianmeter

2.0-6.0 мм

Cell size

40-200 мм

Item size

2 х 0.25м.;
2 х 0.38м.;
2 х 0.5м.;
2 х 0.64м.;
2 х 1м.;
or according to the customer's parameters


Wire VR1,
black and galvanized smooth wire.

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