Rabitsa mesh

The mesh of this type is made on an automatic machine by screwing wire spirals with a flat twist into each other, which are wound directly on the working body of the machine.
Low-carbon steel wire serves as the raw material for the production of the chain-link mesh. Along with steel wire, wire with a polymer (PVC) coating and galvanized is used. It is extremely rare that the chain link is made of stainless wire.

The use of chain link mesh is very wide: fencing of construction sites, sports and children’s playgrounds, summer cottages and home plots, sifting of loose materials of various fractions, making fences and aviaries for animals and birds, reinforcing thermal insulation materials, carrying out plastering works, making decorative and protective screens for ventilation shafts, support of slopes and hills located near highways and railways.

Specifications of the chain-link mesh:

Wire diameter

1.4-3.0 мм

Cell size

30-60 мм

Roll length

up to 10 м.


galvanized and
PVC wire.

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