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Gabions and fences made of them

spatial grid structure filled with loose materials, used in regulatory and coastal fortifications, as well as in landscape design and fortification.

Fencing systems

2D and 3D fences and accessories for them.

Belt reinforcement mesh

Metal construction mesh, which is formed by welding transverse and longitudinal wires.

"Rabitsa" mesh

Metal construction grid, made by twisting wire spirals with a flat turn into each other, which are wound directly on the working table of the machine.

Breakthrough cross-extraction mesh

All-metal mesh, which is made by simultaneously soaking and drawing a all-metal sheet. The cells of the grid are arranged in a checkerboard pattern and have the shape of a diamond.

Welded plaster mesh

The metal construction mesh, obtained by welding the wire, is used in plastering works. Welded plaster mesh is supplied in rolls.

Modern, automated mesh production

allows you to achieve high productivity, minimizing the human factor to achieve accuracy and quality of products, and also offers a wide choice of product dimensions and parameters.

Own dragging equipment

allows us to manufacture a wide range of wire diameters for the client's assortment.

Delivery of metal mesh

to construction sites or shopping areas.

Maintenance of warehouse stocks of meshes

allow to fulfill customer requests in a short period of time.

Having a large machine park, and being a manufacturer of a large assortment of products,

we are interested in working with distributors and wholesale customers

such as construction companies, wholesale construction stores and bases, metal bases and online stores of building materials.


About Us

"Iron ZMZ" llc

A company with ten years of experience in the production of welded metal construction meshes and meshes for fences.

Each type of mesh is manufactured according to the requirements and technological conditions and necessarily from high-quality materials. The power of our production and highly qualified personnel allows us to produce the required amount of products in the shortest possible time. High-tech equipment from leading manufacturers makes it possible to manufacture metal grids according to individual orders.

We are constantly improving, training our staff, developing our machine park and producing new types of products.

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Cooperation with us

We design, calculate and develop ready-made solutions

both for stationary fences and for temporary structures that are easy to assemble and disassemble, transport, and store.

To our regular wholesale customers

we offer a wide range of possibilities:


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