Breakthrough cross-extraction mesh​

is made of metal cold-drawn (galvanized and non-galvanized) or stainless steel sheet by simultaneous cross-sectioning and drawing. The breakthrough cross-extraction mesh is a sheet twisted into a roll, evenly cut and stretched into diamond-shaped, staggered cells (sheet thickness from 0.5 to 1.0 mm).

The Breakthrough cross-extraction mesh​ has no welds, thanks to which it is characterized by a good strength-to-weight ratio.

The Breakthrough cross-extraction mesh has a wide range of applications. So, the average exhaust grid is used for:

Breakthrough cross-extraction mesh​ has the following advantages:

Specializations breakthrough cross-extraction mesh:

Sheet thickness

0.4 - 1.0 мм

Cell size

17 х 40 мм.
25 х 50 мм.

Roll size

1 х 10 м.


cold-drawn sheet,
or uncoated.

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